There are now more ways to take part in Project A.

We are delighted to announce our latest programme of masterclasses!

Our masterclasses are suitable for all established/ing professionals, young professionals and those in training.

Michael Corbidge

Unlocking Shakespeare

Michael Corbidge is Senior Associate Company Voice and Text Coach at the Royal Shakespeare Company and he will help you to discover the art of: Text Detecting! Finding the clues on the page! 

His own Company Garden Shakespeare will to tour in the Summer of 2020 with As You Like It. Michael runs bespoke voice workshops and classes for all from his own studio- The Colour Voice Studio in Kent and residential courses for his pioneering Elemental Shakespeare workshops.

He is a global corporate trainer and Clients include: Mastercard, J.P. Morgan, Bain, TATA, Bloomberg, Keppel, Ascendas, Shell, General Mills, The National Trust, English Heritage, CTN communications and a number of U.K. legal institutions.

Tuesday 11th February 2020
9am - 4.30pm

Steve Byron

On the Page

Over the course of 6 weekly sessions, work with acclaimed playwrite Steve Byron (Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers, Floorboards, Rocket Girl) get support with something you're working on, learn some tricks to overcome your writing blocks or some help just making a start. 

Thursday 30th January (for 6 consecutive weeks - no session on 20th Feb)
7 - 8.30pm


Both Feet Acting

Meisner based training

Both Feet Acting are Meisner based trainers who provide ongoing training and development for actors committed to developing their craft. Using techniques and exercises adapted from the highly respected work of Sanford Meisner, their carefully designed  Masterclasses help you to develop your craft in a safe, supportive environment. Stephanie Morgan will work with you to open your doors, find the honesty in your responses and discover your truth, enabling you to develop authentic characters and make bold, fearless choices in your work. 

Audition Gym
During this evening session we'll look at the things that get in your way in auditions, the small changes you can make to be ready and run a mock audition so you can put those things into practice whilst also getting some feedback and learning from your peers. This is open to any actor.

Tuesday 3rd March
6pm - 9pm

Repetition Gym
If you've worked with Steph or Adam at Project A or Both Feet before then you should definitely come by for a workout. We'll spend the evening going deeper into Meisner's repetition to continue your journey into unearthing your truth and your impulses. 

Thursday 5th March
6pm - 9pm